Meet ASTRABAT: a chat with YUNASKO

Interview — 20 Oct 2022

What is the role of YUNASKO in ASTRABAT? Find out about the work carried out by Dr. Yurii Maletin and his team.

Dr. Yurii Maletin has a background in Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry. Today, he is Chief Scientist at Yunasko-Ukraine LLC. For the past three decades, he has led a team of talented and dedicated researchers developing supercapacitors and their hybrids with Li-ion batteries.

What role do Yunasko and your team play in ASTRABAT?
Yunasko’s research interests are mostly focused on energy storage systems capable of providing high specific power, quick charge, safe operation, and long cycle life in a wide temperature range. Our role within ASTRABAT is to scale up the cell manufacture from laboratory level to pilot with a large stored capacity.

This is indeed an essential role to reach the project’s objectives. Could you tell us a bit more about the expertise that your team brings to ASTRABAT?
To make it simple, our team has the expertise to make large electrodes and their stacks and increase their capacity up to 10 Ah.

What research are you carrying out in the project? In what way is it pioneering?
We are studying how an increase in the electrode area and thickness affect the electrode impregnation process with the use of solidifying electrolytes.
In our opinion, the most innovative and challenging part of all-solid-state-battery technology is related to the presence of a solid or quasi-solid electrolyte and to the cell fabrication processes involving such electrolytes.

Thank you very much for your time!

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