ASTRABAT project releases new video on its latest material innovation in all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries

Press release — 25 Oct 2023

26 October 2023 – “We've tripled the energy density with a specific silicon anode and utilized an NMC cathode with reduced cobalt content, minimizing the reliance on critical resources. Our unique lithium salts and ionic liquids, which are free of fluorine and stable in water, further support the innovation”.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Guinevere Giffin’s– Scientific Head at the R&D center Electromobility at Fraunhofer ISC –  explaining some of the characteristics of ASTRABAT’s new lithium-ion cell. The project’s latest video provides an insight into CEA’s laboratories in Grenoble, which opened their doors to show where the future of EU mobility is being shaped.

Watch the video to discover how ASTRABAT is pioneering research in the field of all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries directly from the many professionals who have been leading the project’s work in the past four years.


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