Delving into the re-use and recycling opportunities of Lithium-ion batteries

Interview — 15 Jun 2022

We interviewed Icíar Montes Gutierrez, Sustainability Technical Officer at Lomartov about the re-use and recycling opportunities of lithium-ion batteries. She shared some insights about ASTRABAT's new lithium-ion battery and its recyclability. She also discussed the battery's place with regard to current EU regulations.

Icíar Montes Gutierrez works for Lomartov, a Spanish environmental engineering company. Within ASTRABAT, they are responsible for evaluating and optimising the sustainability of ASTRABAT’s new solid-state battery prototype.

“When not operating at peak capacity, Lithium-ion batteries can still be used, as they can have up to 80% of their useful capacity. Their main second-life applications are storage for renewable energy […]. Another function that could be exploited is for electric cars, but for shorter distances”, states Icíar.

Watch the full interview to find out more.

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