At the heart of the European dialogue to ensure a sustainable battery value chain

Project update — 27 Sep 2022

On 13 and 14 September 2022, ASTRABAT joined the second edition of the Battery and Innovation Days (BID2022) that took place in Brussels. More than 250 participants attended on-site and more than 650 gathered online to exchange on the latest developments in the European R&I Battery domain.

During two intense days of dialogue and exchanges, discussions about the battery passport, Li-ion, and post-Li-ion chemistries, digital twins for manufacturing, improvement of BMS systems, and accelerating EU positioning on new battery technologies took place. The unifying thread was to ensure a sustainable European battery value chain.

The approaches of sustainable-by-design, safe, and recyclable by design were constantly highlighted, as these can only be achieved by strengthening collaboration between all stakeholders of the value chain. Sharing data and creating a common database on battery supply and value chain information is about to become essential, and thus, so is the battery passport initiative.

ASTRABAT participated in the BID as a virtual exhibitor, standing as an innovative R&I project for the development of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles, overcoming the main challenges linked to materials, safety, and efficiency. During the event, where ASTRABAT’s partner LOMARTOV took part in person during the closing session “From lab to market: EU success stories”, the project established new synergies with other initiatives at the research and industrial level: from other R&I projects on solid-state-batteries and post-Li-ion chemistries, Giga factories industrial projects, and the Battery Passport initiative. Together, all these initiatives will accelerate the development of a sustainable European battery value and supply chain.

If you missed LOMARTOV’s session “From lab to market: EU success stories”, you can watch it on the Battery Innovation Days’ YouTube channel.

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