ASTRABAT helps celebrate the European Mobility Week with #WeMoveSmart

Project update — 08 Sep 2020

#WeMoveSmart is the new social media campaign launched on occasion of the European Mobility Week (16 – 22 September 2020) by the cities involved in EU-funded smart cities projects and with support from ASTRABAT. The goal? Inviting citizens to share pictures, videos or short stories on their sustainable way to move around

On the occasion of the next EU Mobility Week, taking place from the 16th to the 22nd of September, ASTRABAT will support the virtual flash mob #WeMoveSmart, launched by the 17 European “Lighthouse” smart cities projects to raise the issue of sustainable mobility in cities. The transport sector is one of the main causes of air pollution in urban areas and shifting to green mobility is fundamental to guarantee a good quality of life to cities’ inhabitants. The European Mobility week, whose theme this year is “Zero-emission mobility for all”, is the perfect occasion to raise awareness on this important topic.

That’s why ASTRABAT and the smart cities projects launch an appeal: “Show us your green way to move around. Take pictures, videos and write short stories on your urban green routes and share them on social media during the EU Mobility Week along with the hashtag #WeMoveSmart”. Feet, bike, e-vehicles, but also public transport are the many ways to reduce emissions and traffic congestions.

The 17 Lighthouse projects help implement a wide variety of smart mobility solutions in more than 100 cities, in addition to working on other urban energy areas. They have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme.

Cities are at the frontline of the energy transition and the push towards more sustainable urban mobility is strongly supported by the European Commission. With this campaign as part of the Mobility Week, the projects are sharing their smart solutions for cities, private industry and citizens to be inspired by,” says Jens Bartholmes, Policy Officer in the European Commission and its focal point for the large Smart City projects.

During the European Mobility Week, the Lighthouse projects will also share cards featuring the innovative solutions that they are implementing to ensure the transition to a more sustainable future for urban transport, to reduce car-use and transport emissions. Solutions include the creation of public electric transport infrastructures, development of vehicle to grid technologies, public smart lamp post to charge electric vehicles, smart traffic prediction systems, solar-powered e-ink displays in multimodal hubs and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your #WeMoveSmart pictures, videos and stories on your social media channels.

The Horizon 2020 European Lighthouse projects ASTRABAT is collaborating with for the success of #WeMoveSmart are:

The campaign is also supported by the European project DRIVEMODE, developing an integrated modular distributed drivetrain for electric and hybrid vehicles, respectively.

Cover photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash
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