Helping electric vehicles stay the course in extreme weather – insights from the i-HeCoBatt project

Interview — 01 Jun 2022

The i-HeCoBatt project has recently held an event – The Innovation and Networking Days on Battery Technologies & E-Vehicles – to showcase its achievements. There we interviewed the technical coordinator Mikel Arrinda, from CIDETEC, to gain first-hand insights about the project's results and what they mean for the future.

i-HeCoBatt is a fellow project of ASTRABAT. It has developed a cost-saving industrial battery heat exchanger to extend e-vehicle autonomy in extreme conditions. The project started in early 2019 and is now reaching its end. The Innovation and Networking days on Battery Technologies & E-Vehicles took place for the project team to share their results with green mobility stakeholders and those from the e-vehicle industry.

One key result mentioned by Mikel Arrinda is the heat exchanger with the FLEXcooler – the product patented by Miba – which has been integrated into the AUDI Battery Pack: “The market will respond very well to this product we have developed as part of the project, thanks to its highly efficient heat transmission capabilities, among other things”.

Watch our interview to discover more about i-HeCoBatt’s results and their prospects.

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