Challenges and outlook for a fully electric vehicle market in Europe

Interview — 16 Aug 2022

We asked Seydou Hebie from Stellantis about the status of the electric vehicles market, its challenges, and prospects. He also explained how ASTRABAT is helping cut emissions from transport completely by 2035.

Seydou is member of the Advanced Innovation team at Stellantis. Within ASTRABAT, the group is working on various tasks, such as the automotive requirements of a battery pack, the evaluation of cell performance and the battery prototype validation for electric vehicles.

“Stellantis expects 100% of its car sales to be electric in Europe by 2030”. However, there are some factors hampering in the growth of the European market, such as the high gross cost of purchase of the electrical vehicle for the final user. This is due to the expensive materials to manufacture the battery, states Seydou.

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