ASTRABAT joins the #EUToxicFree campaign

Project update — 24 May 2021

For the European Green Week, ASTRABAT joins forces with 14 EU-funded projects in a social media campaign to show what they do to commit to the Zero Pollution ambition. The projects operate in different research areas (bioeconomy, smart cities, green mobility, circular economy and energy) but have one thing in common: the ultimate goal to secure healthy ecosystems and a healthy living environment for Europeans.

For one month, from the 4th of May until the 4th of June, the projects will share cards from their social media accounts with the hashtag #EUToxicFree (associated with the official hashtag of the event #EUGreenWeek). In these cards they will show their activities and solutions to meet the Zero Pollution Ambition in Europe. In particular they will answer to the following questions:

  • What does the project do to commit to the Zero Pollution Ambition in Europe?
  • What actions is the project working on to better prevent and remedy pollution from air, water, soil and consumer products?
  • What key results or insights does the project want to share to stakeholders to meet the Zero Pollution Ambition?

The social media campaign will be followed by a round table on “EU’s zero pollution ambition – best practices in science communication” held by science communication experts. Read the agenda and register to the event.

Stay tuned and follow ASTRABAT’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to discover how it contributes to reach the Zero Pollution Ambition!

The H2020 projects ASTRABAT is collaborating with for the campaign are:

B-FERST, Biomonitor, AllThingsBio PRO, POCITYF, MATCHUP, STARDUST, URBAN GreenUP, EFFECT, Bamboo, Houseful, eTeacher, SocialRES, eNeuron and TIGON.

Cover photo by ben o’bro from Unsplash
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