ASTRABAT & i-HeCoBatt towards a Greener Value Chain

Press release — 03 May 2022

ASTRABAT will take part in the Innovation and Networking days on Battery Technologies & E-Vehicles in Valencia. Then, the project consortium and its industrial partners will co-create the Life-Cycle Inventory of the new Li-Ion battery cell from a laboratory to an industrial perspective

ASTRABAT announces its participation in the Innovation & networking days on Green E-vehicles taking place on 17 and 18 May. The event is organized by ASTRABAT’s sister project i-HeCoBatt and it is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and gather insights from key players and thought leaders across the advanced battery and Electric Vehicle value chain.

In particular, ASTRABAT will contribute to the Electromobility Technology workshop. During specific sessions led by its partners CEA, Daikin, Lomartov and Nanomakers, the project will present its work on new efficient all solid-state lithium batteries for electric vehicles. It will deliver insights on raw materials and manufacturing strategies for solid electrolyte in batteries and it will explore the promise of silicon anodes.

Following the networking days, on 19 May the consortium will hold a satellite workshop for its own members and industrial partners. They will co-create the inventory to optimise the sustainability of the new Li-Ion battery cell, moving from a laboratory perspective to an industrial one. At this workshop, delegates will assess the new all-solid-sate battery economic and ecologic profiles in an updated real case which highlights industrialisation challenges.

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